DISCLOSURE: Several of these are affiliate links because I have been gathering these for my YouTube Business.  If you use the links, then I will get a small commission, but it will not change the price you pay, other than in some cases it will give you a small discount.

If you don’t like the idea of affiliate links, then just go to the website the link goes to and don’t use my link to the website.  My main interest is giving you a source to go check things out.

Epoxy Supplies

Rob Sandstrom Eye Candy Pigments Link

The link is an affiliate link.  If you use it you should get a 10% discount for using the link provided you use Coupon Code ROB10 at checkout.  With that said the website has other sales pretty regularly and using the link below will not preclude you from using the discount code on the website to get the bigger discounts.

Below are a couple items people specifically asked me about:

Amazon Epoxy Links

Mold Suppliers

Other Epoxy Suppliers that I have used

Ol Loggin Epoxy Table Top,  Artist, and Deep Pour Epoxy (they have each type):

A 20% Discount Code can be used if you purchase this epoxy. I don’t receive any commission, but you get 20% off if you use Discount Code: ROB20

MAS Epoxy and Alumilite Affiliate Codes:



Coupon code:  MAS – ROB10


Coupon Code for Alumilite:  ROBROB


Both give 10% off to your following.


I have also gotten MAS LV Epoxy at a place called SMS Distributors and because of free shipping that they offer at times it is often cheaper than the MAS Webiste with my discount code – so you may want to check them out at: SMS Distributors

Links to pigments I regularly use that are not Eye Candy Pigments

Black Diamond Mica Powder:

Jacquard Pearl EX – Pearl White 651:

Ecopoxy Liquid Black (Part of a kit):

NOTE: Although Ecopoxy liquid black is part of a kit, I am sure it can be found by itself.

Jacquard Pearl Ex – Micro Pearl 650:

Mixol Lquid pigments – 12 color kits:

NOTE: There are two 12 color kits to get all of the colors – you chose or but as individual colors if you don’t want the kits.

NOTE: I don’t have time to look for the cheapest options so it may be worth your effort if you see something that is out of your budget or you know can be cheaper to do your own Amazon or Google search.

Epoxy Tools

Form Building

Leak Stoppage from homemade molds

The above is an affiliate link on Amazon.  I picked up my Flex Paste at Home Depot and I think it is cheaper at Home Depot so you may want to check there.

NOTE: I have found this product to dry out quickly, even if following instructions for storage after opening.  So only open to use if needed and also don’t buy a big container just buy the smallest container that you can.

Repair Tools that May Be Handy

  • CA glue (with activator) – this will be discussed when doing finishing
  • Fine awl or paperclip for touch-ups
  • Large planer or router sled
  • Circular saw/track saw
  • Jigsaw

Live Edge Slab Work Efforts

  • Angle grinder – for removing bark on large live edge wood slabs.

Amazon Link for Angle Grinder:

NOTE: These are also available at Home Depot and Harbor Freight

  • Carving/Cutting Sheels for 4.5” Anlge Grinder
  • Stainless steel or Brass Wire wheels – cleaning live edge
  • Nylon wheels for drill/impact driver – cleaning live edge
  • Scraper
  • Drill bits, countersink

Live Edge Slabs and Charcuterie Wood Kits

A 20% Discount Code can be used if you purchase this epoxy. I don’t receive any commission, but you get 20% off if you use Discount Code: ROB20

NOTE: In reading about their slabs they mill them to ¾” thickness.  I don’t want to start with anything less than 1” thickness.  After pouring epoxy and surfacing it is my experience board will be 1/8 to ¼” thinner than when the project starts.



  • Orbital Sander
  • Planner
  • Router Sled or CNC

Polishing If Desired