Travel Round Cribbage with Lasered Lid


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This cribbage board is approximately 8.5” in diameter and 1 – 1.25” thick with card and peg storage built into the body of the cribbage board.  Due to the size of the board, it is limited to being a 2-track cribbage board in which there are levels of tracks for each player.


It will be constructed of mixed woods to provide extra character to the board.  These are not cookie cutter cribbage boards – each board is a bit unique in choice of woods.


Personalization words, sentiments, or simple characters can be accommodated on the bottom of the lid.  These will be laser engraved into the bottom of the lid cover.


The mixture of wood will depend on what my shop has in stock and what is available to purchase at the time of the order.  If there is a specific mixture of woods desired, please put this in the preferences section of your order and I will try to accommodate.


If you have a special emblem or other element you would like lasered into your cribbage board lid we can discuss what the cost will be for me to turn the object into a laserable file and determine if there is extra cost for the board and if so, what that will be.


Note each board is custom made at time of order, so delivery time will depend on backlog of current orders and ability to obtain specific woods if you provide specific preferences.  I will make every attempt to ship the boards within two weeks of an order.  If it is expected to be longer will let you know at the time of the order.




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