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Easy Guide to Installing Magnets in Woodworking Projects to Secure Covers & Join Materials

In this video, we’ll walk you through a foolproof method for installing magnets in your woodworking projects. Whether you’re looking to secure covers or join separate pieces of material, we’ve got you covered. 🔨 What You’ll Learn: * Step-by-step process for installing magnets in wood * Tips for ensuring correct magnet polarity * Tools and materials you’ll need for the job * Expert advice to make your project a success 🛠 Tools & Materials: * Magnets * CA glue * Tape 👷 Why Correct Polarity Matters: Ensuring the magnets’ polarity is correct is crucial for the functionality and durability of your project. We’ll show you how to ensure polarity is correct before gluing in place to ensure your covers and connection joints work correctly the first time and every time.