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Live 06-20-2024 Video QA and Guest Chris PelletierLive 015 Finding and Using AI Generated Art to Create 3D Models using Aspire software – Step by StepLive 06-20-2024 Video QA and Guest Chris Pelletier

n this video Mr. Chris Pelletier shares his knowledge and experience of searching Artificial Intelligence (AI) and converting the art he finds into 3D models using Aspire Software. This is a detailed step by step process where Chris demonstrates each step of the way. This is the most comprehensive tutorial I have seen to date on how to use Microsoft Copilot for obtaining unique art that can be turned into 3D models that can de directly used in woodworking projects – provided a person has Aspire software. If you know of a more comprehensive tutorial on this topic, please share where the tutorial can be seen in the comments section of this video.

➡️ Chris FB Page:… Chris has indicated he will share the STL model of the Whitetail Buck with anyone interested.

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