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DIY Broken Barn Door Repair with Dowels, Glue, and Determination – Overcoming Age Related Challenges

Welcome to this tutorial where I demonstrate a step-by-step method for repairing a broken barn door that was pulled off its slider and then cracked along the bottom of the door. This step-by-step guide will show you how i walked thorugh a strategy to repair the door to the initial stength if not a stronger door. What You Will Learn: 👉 How to get blue into tight crack areas using suction from a shop vac or dust collector 👉 Clamping methods when you do’t have clamps long enough to use standard clamping techniques 👉 How to use dowels for repairs to add strength to crack and hole repairs 👉 Ways to repair accidental chip out caused when doing a repair 👉 Thoughts about possible challenges to people with age related or other strength issues that some people don’t need to deal with Why Watch? Provide ideas on possible repair techniques for dealing with cracks in door or other types of frames..