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Use vCarve to Make an Epoxy and Cherry Heart Bowl Part 2 – Setup and Carve the Heart Bowl

This is the second in a series of two videos where I demonstrate how to take one of Corbin Dunn’s designs – a heart shaped epoxy and cherry wood bowl – import his files into vCarve and then establish the tool paths to carve the bowl. I also include my step-by-step process for physically holding the bowl in place while carving and a couple other unique items to make the process go as smoothly as possible. If you haven’t watched Part 1 in this series I recommend you do so before watching this video.    • Use vCarve to Make an Epoxy and Cherr…   I go through a step by step process of using Corbin Dunn’s STL files that he sells on his website – link below: 👉 Corbin Dunn Heart Bowl File:… I found that even though Corbin provided the files it was not intuitively obvious to me how to take the files, import them into vCarve or Aspire Software, setup the tool paths, the holding of the work and other elements that would allow me to carve the bowls. I thought others may be challenged with similar knowledge and skill gaps on how to import STL files of double sided objects, especially bowls, into vCarve or Aspire and be able to successfully carve the imported project. So I made this video so that anyone with Vectric software could import a bowl or other two sided project and be successful at carving the project. What You Will Learn: 👉 How to import an STL model into vCarve and set it up for creating tool paths 👉 How to use a “Limit Plane” to setup for proper tool path operations 👉 How to setup the “rough” and “finishing” tool paths 👉 How to prepare the material, carve the top and bottom of the bowl, and a unique material holding strategy Why Watch? This video teaches how to import bowls and other two sided STL models into vCarve or Aspire and successfully carve the projects.